Dear Julia,
Thank you for your  loving gentle way of teaching and the tre­men­dously ele­gant Tian Tao Yoga exer­ci­ses. When I lear­ned the basic prac­tices 7 years ago in Frank­furt I alre­ady found them to be effec­tive. But now after just two days with you and the real exer­ci­ses,  I am truly asto­nis­hed by their extra­or­di­nary power. I have not felt so healthy, pain-free, alert and pre­sent since many months!
On my way back on the high­way I felt like the “tiger res­ting” at the wheel des­pite heavy rain­fall. I still remai­ned in a state of being wide awake,  calm yet so ener­gi­zed I was ready to jump like a tiger.  That whole 2 hour car drive was effort­less for me. After prac­ticing in the fol­lo­wing days I felt very clear, open and almost com­ple­tely pain-free.

Doro­thea M, Lich


In late 2007 I star­ted to prac­tice Hsin Tao, which hel­ped me in many ways. Since then I sel­dom came down with flu, which used to hap­pen fre­quently before. Lately I nevert­he­l­ess had the fee­ling of being stuck in my prac­tice des­pite new Hsin Tao-exercises. For that rea­son I chose Tian Tao Yoga instead, which gave me much more. The dif­fe­ren­ces bet­ween them and the Hsin Tao exer­ci­ses are often sub­tle but TTY is all the more power­ful. I par­ti­cu­larly app­re­ciate Julia’s aware, gentle, always fri­endly and pati­ent man­ner of teaching. I truly admire her inte­grity in con­vey­ing the anci­ent ori­gi­nal teachings of Shao­lin instead of just aggran­di­zing her Ego, or making pro­fit her first and only goal. Again many thanks!

Bir­git, Cologne


Dear Julia,
I am incredi­bly gra­te­ful that my way led me to you and the prac­tices of Tian Tao Yoga. I can say that every cell of my body feels the “Way of Hea­ven”. The exer­ci­ses are gentle, soft, pure and yet like the most potent hea­ling eli­xir. I tried a lot of other sys­tems (Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi…) but nowhere have I felt so at home as in the sys­tem of Tian­Tao Yoga. It helps me to manage the chal­len­ges of ever­y­day life in a more peace­ful and calm way while buil­ding inner strength and cou­rage. I look for­ward to learning more from you in the future.

Susanne Friese, Fulda



Testi­mo­nies about work­shops in years past under the name Hsin Tao

Dear Julia,
Julia’s cor­rec­tions of the basic exer­ci­ses vastly improve the qua­lity of my prac­tice. I am enjoy­ing the ama­zing new exer­cise that are so easy to practice.

When I star­ted with Hsin Tao half a year ago I didn’t know much about it. I read an arti­cle in a maga­zine and looked on the inter­net for work­shops. I saw one offe­red in Sep­tem­ber and signed up out of curiosity.

Initi­ally I prac­ticed very inten­sely to make sure that I will not for­get what I had lear­ned. Quite quickly, after one or two days emo­ti­ons such as sad­ness and tears came to the sur­face. Wit­hout really noti­cing it I also had less desire to drink cof­fee. Before, I used to drink big amounts of very strong cof­fee, ever­y­day several cups, star­ting early in the morning. With Hsin Tao Essen­ti­als I sim­ply for­got to drink cof­fee. The cra­vings were gone. I find this amazing.

Bet­tina H., from Berlin


Dear Julia!
Wit­hin two days after atten­ding your begin­ner work­shop in May 2012 I was freed from severe migraine head­a­ches which tor­tu­red me for weeks and months in the past. Many thanks!

Andrea Göbel


Dear Julia,
Since the work­shop on Satur­day I have been prac­ticing daily, often in the morning and eve­ning. After just 5 days I noti­ced a change in my skin tex­ture: nor­mally my skin is very dry and now it feels soft and silky. Is this pos­si­ble after only a few days of prac­ticing? I medi­tate for a long time as part of an intense inner path. So I guess I was alre­ady very recep­tive and ready for the expe­ri­ence. The exer­ci­ses opened a new dimen­sion for me and I had an expe­ri­ence of pri­ce­l­ess value. The imme­diate effects took me by total sur­prise and I feel deeply and utterly gra­te­ful, trans­for­med. I am joy­ful to prac­tice this sys­tem under Julia’s expert gui­dance and I rea­lize the deep reve­la­tion con­tai­ned in it.

Sabine H.


It was a wonder-filled work­shop, my hig­hest praise and com­pli­ments! Julia Kant is a wise, clear, loving and inspi­ring teacher.

Syl­via G., Berlin